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Android 1.5 Cupcake (API 3)

The Android 1.5 version was released in 2009. After three months of release of Android 1.1 version. The Android 1.5 version was the first version to get the official code name called Cupcake.

Android 1.5 (Cupcake) is the third form of Android created by Google, a noteworthy platform release deployable to Android handsets beginning in May 2009, that is never again supported. The release includes new highlights for developers and users, and also changes in the Android structure API. For designers, the Android 1.5 platform is accessible as a downloadable segment for the Android SDK.

Android 1.5 included new highlights, for example, an on-screen console and Bluetooth bolster and additionally enhancements to existing highlights, for example, UI changes for application administration and a few Google applications.

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The Browser symbols and Amazon MP3 were overhauled, as well. The Amazon MP3 symbol was changed fundamentally on the grounds that Amazon was anticipating propelling other Android applications soon, and the “A” symbol was awfully bland. It also includes icon for the new Google talk and “Camcorder” functionality was broken out from instant messaging into separate app.

The program symbol was effectively the most noticeably awful in Android 1.1, so it was changed and never again looked like a desktop operating system dialog box . The last application drawer change was to “Pictures,” which was renamed to “Gallery.”

Also the notice panel was redesigned and the panel background got a weave surface, and the slopes on warnings were smoothed out. Android 1.5 had a ton of little design changes to center OS pieces that influenced all applications. On the “Reasonable notices” catch, you could see the new framework wide catch style, which had an angle, a more slender diagram, and less shadowing than the old version.

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Outsider widgets were another feature highlight of Cupcake, despite everything they stay one of Android’s characterizing highlights. Designers could package a home screen widget alongside their applications that would either control or show data from that application. Google flaunted a couple of new gadgets of its own, as well, with the Calendar and Music applications.

The Calendar gadget could just demonstrate a solitary occasion for the day, and tapping it would open the schedule. It wouldn’t give you a chance to pick what timetables to show, and gadgets weren’t resizable—it just at any point resembled this. The music gadget was blue—regardless of the music application not having a drop of blue in it—and demonstrated the artist name and music, alongside play and next button.

Android 1.5 includes new feature called “Live Folders”. These top level “Live Folder” will be seen in “Add to Home”. Live Folder will show content of app without opening that application. The ones that accompanied Cupcake were all contacts-related, demonstrating the majority of the user’s contacts, contacts with numbers, or featured contacts.

Instead of icons, Live Folder uses the list  view that popped up over the home screen. Contacts were just for beginners, Live Folders was an entire API that designers could utilize. Google demoed an envelope of books from the Google Books application, and it was conceivable to have a RSS channel or best stories from a site as a live folders . Live folders were one of few Android ideas that didn’t work out, and the feature was shut down in Honeycomb.

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Video recording and Camcorder icon, was added to Android in 1.5. The two symbols, camera and camcorder, were really the same application, and you could hop among them with a choice in the menu named “Change to camera” and “Change to camcorder.” Video quality on the T-Mobile G1 was not that incredible. A test video on “High” quality yield; a . 3GP video document with a determination of 352 x 288 and a lagtastic outline rate of 4 FPS.

Alongside the new video highlight, the Camera application saw a couple of much-required UI changes. A thumbnail in the upper left demonstrated the last picture that was taken, and tapping on it would bounce to the camera come in the Gallery. The hover icon on the upper right of the two screens was an on-screen shade button, implying that, post 1.5, Android gadgets never again required an hardware camera button.

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This version changed the zoom controls framework wide. Rather than two major circles, the zoom controls wound up two parts of a square shape with adjusted corners. These new controls connected to the program, Google Maps, and the display.

The program had loads of work done on the zoom usefulness. In the wake of zooming in or out, the “1x” catch would return you to the standard zoom level. The button in the base right corner would zoom such a distance out of the page and show an amplifying square shape over the page, which you can find in the inside picture. Getting the square shape and releasing it would zoom that piece of the page to a “1x” see. Android didn’t have extent looking over, which made the maximum looking over speed quite moderate—this was Google’s answer for exploring a long site page.


Another expansion to the program was the capacity to duplicate content on a site page—beforehand you could just copy content from an info box. Choosing “copy content” from the menu would initiate feature mode, and dragging your finger over content in a Web page would feature it .The pattern and lock screen both changed their void, dark backgrounds to an home screen background.

Android 1.5 includes following  features:

  • Android 1.5 support for third-party virtual consoles with user dictionary for custom words and text prediction
  • Support for Widgets – smaller than expected apps sees that can be embedded in various applications, (for instance, the Home screen) and get periodic updates
  • Playback and video recording in MPEG-4 and 3GP formats
  • Auto-blending and stereo help for Bluetooth (A2DP and AVRCP profiles)
  • Reorder includes in internet browser
  • Users pictures appeared for Favorites in Contacts
  • Particular date/time stamp appeared for occasions in call log, and one-contact access to a contact card from call log occasion
  • Energized screen changes
  • Auto-revolution alternative
  • New stock boot animation
  • Ability to transfer videos to YouTube
  • Capability to transfer photographs to Picasa
  • You can do batch actions like  archive, delete, and label on Gmail messages


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