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Android 5.1 Lollipop (API 22)

Android 5.1 Lollipop (API 22) was a tiniest of updates. It’s goal was mainly to fix encryption performance on Nexus 6,and also for device protection and a few interface tweaks.

Gadget insurance’s solitary UI expansion appeared as another notice amid setup. The element offered to “Shield your gadget from reuse” if it was stolen. Once a lock screen was set, gadget security would kick in, and could be activated amid a gadget wipe. If you wiped the phone the way a proprietor ordinarily would—by opening the phone and picking “reset” from the settings—nothing would happen. If you wipe the phone through developers tools however, the gadget would request that you “check a formerly adjusted Google Account” during the following setup.

android 5.1 Lollipop

Likewise in March 2015, Google propelled “Android Auto,” another Android-roused interface for auto infotainment frameworks. Android Auto was Google’s solution to Apple’s CarPlay and worked similarly. It was anything but a full working framework—it’s a “threw” interface that keeps running on your telephone and uses the auto’s worked in screen as an outside screen. Running Android Auto implies having a good auto, introducing the Android Auto application on your phone (Android 5.0 or more), and connecting the phoneto the auto with a USB link.

There wasn’t much in the method for applications for Android Auto. Just two classes were permitted: music and messaging applications. Infotainment directions implied modifying the UI wasn’t generally an alternative. Informing applications had no interface and could simply connect to the voice framework, and music applications couldn’t change the interface much, just tweaking the hues and iconography of Google’s default “music application” format. What truly made a difference was conveying the music and messages however, and applications could do that.

Android 5.1 Lollipop includes following features:

  • Improvements and bug-fixes to the Overview screen
  • Capacity to join Wi-Fi systems and control combined Bluetooth gadgets from snappy settings
  • Official help for different SIM cards
  • Gadget assurance: if a gadget is lost or stolen it will remain bolted until the point when the proprietor signs into their Google account, regardless of whether the gadget is reset to industrial facility settings.
  • Top quality voice calls, accessible between good 4G LTE gadgets running Android 5.1
  • Enhancements to the notice need framework, to all the more intently reproduce the quiet mode that was evacuated in Android 5.0.Different bugfixes
  • Local WiFi calling support

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