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Android emulator for PC: LD Player

We can find the Android OS on mobile phones, tablets, televisions, fridges, watches and a host of accessories. So it is not strange that we can also run Android on a computer, something that is very practical for those looking to use their applications on the big screen. When running Android on a computer we have different methods. There are system images adapted to computer processors ( x86 ), we can start Android Studio and there is also the possibility of running Android emulators : software prepared to ‘virtualize’ the operating system with the simplicity of installing a program on the computer. The software we will talk about belongs to this last type: LD Player.

The emulator works very well on medium power equipment. It has two versions: one with Android 5.1, the most common, and another much more recent, with Android 7.1. With both you can run your games and apps on the computer as if you were using your mobile; with the advantage that you have a bigger screen and direct access to keyboard and mouse, perfect for games like PUBG.

Comfortable, easy to install and very versatile

LD Player is an Android emulator for computers that allows the mobile operating system to run on PC computers. It consists of a lightweight installer that then downloads the image adapted for emulation together with the emulator itself (based on VirtualBox ). LD Player starts Android in a desktop environment together with the Google Play Store and another emulator’s own alternative store, LD Store (they are shortcuts to Google Play). Furthermore, it is possible to install any Apk easily: just drag the file to the LD Player window.

With the emulator you can do any task you do on your mobile or tablet, although with the comfort of having a larger screen. LD Player provides the navigation controls on the right side, allows the download of any app from Google Play, comes with some pre-installed bloatware, is preconfigured to enhance the execution of games, can be customized just like any Android, the screen style and is kept well enough updated for what it is, an emulator: LD Player has a version with Android 7.1. It is the one we have tried.

Android emulation is smooth and we did not encounter major problems. The emulator runs quickly, starts applications and games without problems, the execution of apps does not involve appreciable lags, the games have a great graphic quality without jumps (some we do perceive, but it also depends on the PC hardware), it is It is much easier to work with mobile productivity applications and it is very convenient to extend the use of the phone to the computer. The experience has been positive.

LD Player is a free Android emulator that has no advertising beyond the pre-installed apps and games. It has Google Play, you can use services such as the simulated location and it is suitable for the vast majority of PCs. You can download the software from the LD Player page , both in its version with Android 5.1 and in the most updated version, Android 7.1.

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