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Coolest Android Hacks of all time

Here are top 10 Coolest Android Hacks of all time and their applications to make your Android Smartphone smarter than ever before.

1. Lock your phone, remotely

There’s nothing more awful than losing your phone, aside from losing your phone and realizing that somebody may approach your information. You can use this first android hack in such situations. By utilizing the Android Device Manager, you can reclaim control of your gadget in the event that you ever lose it. You can even erase the majority of its information, on the off chance that you wish to go that far.

2. Record Your Android Screen

By recording screen, you can track every one of the exercises of your android when you give your android to another person. The strategy is extremely basic and clear as you require a portion of the Screen recording applications for your android that you can use to record the screen of your android to screen each and everything on your android gadget.

3. Detailed Battery Graph

One of the issues with numerous Android gadgets is poor battery life and in case you’re pondering what’s gobbling up your battery, you can see a point by point battery chart on your telephone.

Keeping in mind the end goal to see the diagram, open Settings, go to About telephone, select Battery Use and tap on the battery chart so as to see an itemized diagram of your battery utilization. You can likewise look at the applications that are taking up a large portion of your battery juice.

4. Control Desktop From Your Android

Google had propelled the application name Chrome Remote Desktop. By utilizing this application you can without much of a stretch access your PC anyplace utilizing another keen gadget like the PC, cell phone, and tablet etc.The same augmentation is for your Google Chrome Browser as well. Also, you can get the entire interface of your work area and your android to control each and everything.

5. Play YouTube Videos in Background


If you have rooted android cell phone then you may think about Xposed installers which enable you to play out various changes which additionally incorporates playing Youtube Video in Background. however, You can play YouTube Videos in Background without establishing your Android gadget.

6. Improve The Sound Quality

While numerous Android gadgets accompany unfathomable sound quality, a few mobiles have awful sound quality. In case you’re hoping to enhance the sound quality and uproar through your phone’s speaker and earphones, at that point you can experiment with the Equalizer application from the Google Play Store. It’s free, yet has in-application buys. if you have an established Android gadget, at that point you can likewise streak custom sound mods.

7. Re-configure Navigation Buttons In Android

Indeed, it is conceivable you can undoubtedly arrange all the navigation button as indicated by your desire. Also, this will make your android an extremely helpful gadget to utilize. For this, you can utilize the application Home2 Shortcut and with this application you can modify the working of route catches as per your desire.

8. Hide Whatsapp Media from Phone Gallery

You can hide Whatsapp Images And Videos From Gallery to get the Whatsapp content out from your exhibition that can not very great constantly. So use the below steps to hide your media.

  • Go to the file manager
  • Go to the Whatsapp Folder.
  • Tap the Media, inside the WhatsApp folder.
  • Name the record .nomedia.
  • To see them again in your Gallery, you will simply require to go to the WhatsApp pictures, and erase the .nomedia record which is in there.

9. Using Android Device As Second Monitor

You can utilize your Android gadget screen as a second screen for your Windows PC or MAC. The best thing is you don’t have to pull your gadget for that. Simply need to utilize iDisplay application on cell phone and PC to utilize Android as a second screen.

10. Remove App Notifications

Some third-party apps can be extremely irritating in the event that they continue showing notices. If you utilize the application frequently, at that point you won’t have an issue, but rather for applications that you don’t utilize routinely, these notices can be extremely irritating. Use this final android hack in these cases.

With a specific end goal to incapacitate these application warnings, go to Applications or Apps in the Settings application, tap on the application’s name that is annoying you and untick the Show notices alternative.


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