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Best Free Android Development Tools

Here are the list of top 10 best free android development tools. Use this android development tools to boost your development productivity .


It stands for ‘Android IDE’ (i.e. Android Integrated Development Environment) and is an application that really gives you a chance to develop different applications on the fly. It won’t supplant Android Studio at any point in the near future and it has its constraints as far as work process, yet it underpins the full Android SDK and for making basic apparatuses or testing thoughts it’s in reality quite perfect.

It even has a few favorable circumstances over work area IDEs. For instance, it enables you to test your applications in that spot without anyone else gadget as opposed to using an emulator. It’s a simple method to learn Android developmentand it accompanies worked in exercises and tutorials.

2. GameMaker: Studio

GameMaker: Studio is another tool for game designers, this time for 2D games. This is somewhat simpler than utilizing Unity or Unreal 4 and empowers you to make applications with successfully zero code. If you would like to include somewhat more customization however, at that point you can get to grasps with the plain learner benevolent GML or ‘GameMaker Language.

However,What you get in convenience, you lose to some degree in power and usefulness. It’s likewise important that GameMaker isn’t free, despite the fact that there is a free preliminary accessible for those that need to give it a shot.

3. Unity 3D

It is the most recommended tool that doesn’t come pre-installed with Android Studio. Unity 3D is a game engine and IDE for cross-stage game development. it is anything but difficult to learn and accompanies an extensive assortment of highlights for game development.

While it’s conceivable to make a game with Android Studio, Unity fits that sort of work substantially more promptly and will spare you impressive measures of time and cerebral pain. You can even utilize it to make virtual reality applications for Daydream, Cardboard or the Gear VR!

4. AVD Manager

The AVD Manager tool is packaged with Android Studio. AVD remains for ‘Android Virtual Device’, so basically this is an emulator for running Android applications on your PC. This is valuable since it implies that you can test your applications rapidly without having to continually introduce them on physical gadgets. All the more significantly, the AVD Manager enables you to make bunches of various emulators with various screen sizes, details and forms of Android.

This implies you can perceive what your creation will look like on any given gadget and accordingly guarantee bolster over the most well known contraptions. Execution is showing signs of improvement constantly, particularly with the quick virt mode, which runs an Intel form of Android on your PC and expels the requirement for direction level copying.

5. Android Studio

This is the authority IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Android, settling on it the main decision for the larger part of developers hoping to make essential applications with regards to Google’s Material Design and with access to all the propelled highlights of the stage.

The IDE is the place any developer will invest a large portion of their energy: it goes about as a supervisor for the picked programming dialect (Android Studio bolsters Java, C++ and now Kotlin, however Java is the official dialect of Android), a compiler that can make APK records and a document framework for masterminding your venture. It likewise incorporates a XML editorial manager and ‘design view’ for organizing components on the screen.

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6. LeakCanary

It is a great memory leak discovery apparatus created by Square, making the troublesome and tedious job of recognizing memory spills so substantially less demanding.


When set up, it will consequently begin giving you notices at whatever point memory spills occur in your application with finish stack follow to enable you to settle it

7. Android debug database

It is a useful tool that totally changes the way you debug the databases and shared inclinations in your Android application. You would now be able to see every one of the information, alter them, erase them and run SQL inquiries in a perfect and wonderful UI.

8. Source tree

A spotless, basic tool to make Git great once more. You can picture every one of your progressions, submits, branches delightfully and never need to compose a solitary charge in the order line again. It can likewise be very helpful for every one of the fledglings out there who have a tendency to get mistook for the incomprehensibility of Git.

9. Stetho

A ground-breaking open-source troubleshooting stage for Android, created by Facebook, this tool makes local Android applications as basic as debugging website pages utilizing Chrome’s Developer Tools, and performs different activities like checking the total View chain of command, reviewing SQLite database, and observing system tasks easily.

10. B4A

Basic for Android is a lesser known Android development tool from Anywhere Software, concentrated on ‘quick’ development. As the name proposes, this is an IDE and mediator that enables designers to make applications utilizing the BASIC programming language. For those that aren’t comfortable with BASIC, it’s basically a substantially more straightforward, procedural programming language that peruses nearer to customary English. Notwithstanding basically being a one-man venture, B4A figures out how to pack in a great deal of valuable propelled highlights, including remote troubleshooting over Bluetooth, a visual editorial manager for including and arranging views and more.

You can do basically anything that you would do with Java, yet significantly more rapidly and with less standard. All things considered, it’s as yet worth taking in the official technique for making applications and particularly if you want to utilize particular libraries (however that stated, Java libraries can be wrapped for Basic4Android

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