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History Eraser Pro – Clean up App Review

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History Eraser can eradicate history information on your Android gadget, cleanup your phone, erase your hunt history, evacuate your call log, erase SMS instant messages, clean your clipboard, clear the entirety of applications reserve documents, clear much of the time called, and delete showcase look history. Checkout History Eraser Pro – Clean up App Review.

It is like CCleaner on the PC. A single tick to clear all stored documents for getting more accessible space and free memory. History Eraser is a straightforward, useful and valuable instrument for expelling undesirable information on your phone. It goes route past erasing your program look history, you can evacuate a wide range of information put away on your phone.

History Eraser Pro - Clean up

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Perhaps you are a major texter and your message inbox is loaded with horrendous SMS, promoting jabber and those extremely irritating messages you are let you know ‘must’ pass onto to 10 companions by midnight keeping in mind the end goal to get a desire/cash/new auto. History Eraser, in several ticks, can evacuate everything that garbage in one go. Every one of the territories recorded above obstruct memory on your phone, and it ought to maybe be taken as given that advanced mobile phones require a touch of housekeeping occasionally.

History Eraser is free, despite the fact that you can get a promotion free form. Truth be told, in the time you have wrapped up this sentence you could have utilized the application and be accomplishing something different with a much cleaner phone.

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  • Ready to erase:Browser History,Frequently Called list,Missed Call Log,Incoming/Outgoing Call list, sent/Received/Failed SMS/MMS, Google Map Search History. Gmail Search History, Clipboard notwithstanding aiding the evacuation of YouTube and Google Search Shortcuts.
  • Awesome for tidying up undesirable information.
  • Arranges for memory.
  • Basic design and simple to utilize.
  • Doesn’t require root.
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  • It doesn’t reveal to you how much memory is taken up by which information stores, that data would be useful.

Pricing : $ 1.58

Download  History Eraser Pro – Clean up :Here

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