IP Cam Viewer Pro App Review
September 11, 2018

IP Cam Viewer Pro App Review

IP Cam Viewer Pro, an application from Robert Chou, is accessible for US$3.99 at Google Play. IP Cam Viewer Pro gives you a chance to view and control an Internet convention (IP) camera through Android OS on a mobile or tablet. Checkout IP Cam Viewer Pro App Review.

Application highlights incorporate SSL encryption, skillet tilt and zoom, transfers for lights and carport entryways, and recording capacities. DVRs and system video recorders likewise can be controlled. Included are additional items like an activity camera database and camera sequencing. The distributer figures that in excess of 800 makes and models of cameras are upheld.

Application Prerequisites

Before you begin, you’ll have to know the IP address of the camera on your system and which port the camera employments. Your camera may likewise be designed with a User ID and Password. Nonetheless, there was a great deal of unintuitive opening of screens on my camera’s interface to accumulate the required information, and – however this was no blame of IP Cam Pro distribute Robert Chou – it added to the time required to get IP Cam Viewer Pro working legitimately.

IP Cam Viewer Pro

Application Configuration

If  you set up the IP camera first time around, you’ll make sense of it. In the event that somebody did it for you, designate some time for revelation.

Getting Into Record Mode

IP Cam Viewer Pro ,Record mode is incorporated into the paid “Expert” form and substantiated the $3.99 application cost. Default cut reusing kicks in when free space gets to 500 MB, yet you can change this. Chou is certain that utilizing record mode on a day by day driver tablet will consume your batteries. So he gives an interesting option, which is to utilize a repetitive tablet or mobile only for the chronicle.

Other Devices

Google’s Play store demonstrates the application as good with Google TV. The “Introducing” message would not finish. This may have been an issue with the crate as opposed to the application, as the Revue is for the most part flaky.

Review the IP Camera

Regardless of a terrible application UI, picture quality with the application was like the Trendnet camera-provided, PC-introduced programming. Disappointingly,you can’t  a movement location work on IP Cam Viewer. That is a valuable capacity that enables you to outline zone inside the casing and trigger an email with picture appended when the product recognizes movement.

This implies IP Cam Viewer can’t supplant a locally situated PC. Regardless you have to leave a PC exchanged on at home-base for certain camera capacities.

Remote Access

Camera remote system seeing was convoluted to set up. It included opening ports on the camera-associated switch, checking the port, knowing your ISP-alloted IP address etc.

In case you’re new to port sending, enable a decent couple of hours to get up to speed. You could effectively see the home-construct organized camera while in light of a versatile system – it just took me a while to arrive.

Pricing : $ 3.74

Download Here : IP Cam Viewer Pro