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Oppo F5 Review

Detect an advert for the Oppo F5 and you’ll most likely observe it called the “selfie master”. Barely any phone makers are as selfie-fixated as Oppo. Checkout Oppo F5 Review.

The Oppo F5’s screen that you’ll see first. Nearly its whole front is display, like the iPhone X however without the ‘indent’. While there’s still some encompass to one side and right of the screen contrasted with, say, a Samsung Galaxy S8, you’re as a result getting a 6-inch display in a shell estimate you’d see with a 5.5-inch display. The Oppo F5 is likewise thin at just 7.5mm thick and it’s very light, as well, at 152g.

Oppo F5

The Oppo F5 isn’t metal. The bended back of the F5 is silver nano-covered plastic. Nano coatings are by and large utilized in phones to give water obstruction, yet the F5 has no official waterproofing, so it’s best to think about this phone as an especially decent plastic design.

The Oppo F5 additionally figures out how to press in a couple of different highlights that are more typical on top of the line gadgets. There’s a respectable f fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone (it might be a range for little hands) and, similar to the iPhone X, you can open the phone with your face. However, on account of the top notch sensor Oppo utilizes for the selfie camera, the component works well.

The Oppo F5 has a 6-inch screen. A more seasoned display outline of this size would have brought about a truly sizeable phone. But , here that askew is just so long in light of the fact that the board is more ‘widescreen’ than that of your normal spending phone. This is a 18:9 angle screen with 2160 x 1080 determination. Most call this ‘Full HD+’, on the grounds that it’s adequately standard Full HD with some additional pixels to suit the stretched shape.

Display quality is regular of a lower-mid range phone: great however a level underneath the best. The Oppo F5 utilizes a LTPS IPS board, and in that capacity, shading profundity isn’t at the level of an OLED or top of the line LCD. The Moto G5S Plus offers marginally better picture quality, however has a more conventional 16:9 screen. The Oppo F5 runs Android 7.1.1 with the company’s own particular ColorOS programming to finish everything. This is an interface that is rejected the UI changes Google has made as of late, and doesn’t have an applications menu.

It’s extremely stripped back, highlighting homescreens and, well, that is about it. New applications essentially drop onto a homescreen as they would on an iPhone. As far as modifying the general look, the most ground-breaking some portion of ColorOS is Themes. A few topics have uniform icon shapes; some don’t. Some even make the symbols littler or bigger, which surprisingly affects what Android looks like. A couple of subjects additionally include open screens.

The Oppo F5 utilizes a MediaTek MT6763V CPU (otherwise known as Helio P23), which is another potential concern.  On occasion, MediaTek chipsets battle with top of the line games more than their Qualcomm Snapdragon rivals. Oppo additionally seems to have endeavored to dodge coordinate correlation with different phones by blocking benchmark applications, for example, Geekbench 4 and AnTuTu from taking a shot at the F5.

Oppo F5 Camera

The Oppo F5 has a bizarre camera setup, one with exceptional moves outside of the double camera standard. It has a front camera of higher determination than the back, with 20 megapixels for selfies and 16 for typical photographs.There’s a short post-shot handling delay, which eases back the shot-to-shot speed to simply under a second. However, the Oppo F5 is unquestionably a phone that you’ll have the capacity to whip out for a last minute shot – without a 90% possibility of then missing it.

In great lighting, then, the Oppo F5 is equipped for catching some extraordinary detail-rich pictures. However, every so often it battles. Indeed, even in sunlight, fine detail can look dithered and general sharpness isn’t the best. There are times that concentration is problematic. Ensure it has unquestionably bolted on before you begin shooting.

The Oppo F5’s selfie camera even gives you a chance to utilize background blur, in spite of the fact that the phone doesn’t have the dual cameras typically required to accomplish such impacts. Rather, it essentially perceives your head and shoulders and foggy spots around them.

While the Oppo F5 has a considerable amount of up and coming sounding components, regardless it utilizes a small scale USB attachment to charge its 3200mAh battery – instead of the more up to date USB-C compose. However, it has modestly quick charging; it takes a little under two hours to charge completely. Battery life is strong, with an entire day of genuinely broad utilize totally practical.


  • Expansive, excellent screen
  • Great battery life
  • Great front and back camera quality


  • Face acknowledgment is gimmicky


  • Display : 6.00-inch
  • Processor : octa-core
  • Front Camera : 20-megapixel
  • Resolution : 1080×2160 pixels
  • RAM : 4GB      
  • OS : Android 7.1
  • Storage : 32GB
  • Rear Camera : 16-megapixel
  • Battery Capacity : 3200mAh

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