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Top 10 Project Management Apps for Android

Now a days employees are conveying their smart phones to work. In this way, it’s unavoidable that well known project management tools are creating and incorporating an Android (or iPad and iPhone)- amicable form of their product. Project management apps can help—however it adds an additional thing to your as of now lashed spending plan.

1. MeisterTask

project management apps meistertask

MeisterTask is one of the most up to date extend management applications, with a new way to deal with kanban sheets. With splendidly shaded records and a dashboard backdrop, your tasks will look more fun than any time in recent memory.

Your group will be more beneficial, as well, since MeisterTask incorporates robotizations that are activated when you drag assignments to new records. You can send messages, reset due dates, and all the more just by moving errands around. You can likewise observe every one of the errands you have to do from each project in your dashboard

2. KanbanFlow


KanbanFlow incorporates a clock that logs to what extent you spend on each assignment—and to what extent it remains in a specific rundown. The clock likewise incorporates a pomodoro mode to enable you to work in dashes and remind you to take breaks now and then. Those instruments together in one web application will enable you to remain profitable while pushing your projects towards completion.

3. Trello

project management apps trello

Trello is a basic method to begin sorting out your activities in kanban sheets. Begin with a bunch of records for your errands, and modify those rundowns with steps in your work process (maybe to-do, doing, and done) or as partitioned parts of your undertaking (say development, plan, and distribution).

At that point include your assignments—with names, due dates, agendas, and remarks to continue everything in one place—and drag them to the suitable list. At that point, you can monitor all remarks on task that say you from the notices menu.

4. Freedcamp



This app gives you place to tasks along date-book and milestone tools to plan your project’s schedule. Assignments can be sorted out in a standard daily agenda or a kanban board, while your most vital dates can be part between milestones or the logbook to help with short and long haul arranging.

5. WorkflowMax

project management apps workflowmax

WorkflowMax this isn’t just used for corporate organizations and work office, each sort of industry can utilize this application as it offers an entire project management. It incorporates timetables and time control, task or employment achievements continuously, control task billings and more tools that enable clients to have an entire organization of any sort of undertaking.

6. Bitrix24


Bitrix24 is here to help by joining great task management highlights with local joint effort tools. From a social Intranet to in-application video conferencing and screen-sharing to HR and customer administration devices, it is intended to be a one-stop look for overseeing activities, groups, and your organization all in all.

Compose tasks inside your projects, at that point utilize a Gantt diagram view to continue everything on track. You can even track worker workload and due dates, to avoid burning out colleagues.

7. Allthings

project management apps allthings

Allthings consolidates the two for a basic method to finish your assignments. Rapidly compose everything that should be done in a rundown, then label tasks with classifications or work process steps, and utilize the kanban board view to see assignments by gathering or status. You can even spare hunts as altered sub-sheets to see particular parts of your task with a tick.

8. Wrike


Wrike incorporates a significant number of its most cherished highlights in its mobile Android partner. Beside the standard task administration choices, point by point Gantt diagrams, and dynamic plan for the day, Wrike for Android fuses gadget alternatives, for example, a camera and photograph attachment function, and rearranged document management . Its Android portable application likewise does the nitty gritty, for example, utilizing Gantt Charts, easily.

9. Podio


Podio is a cloud-based for task management , group collaboration and work process management. It gives all the essential highlights required to compose work: task administration, record sharing, in-application group correspondence, schedules etc.. In addition, by means of the different augmentations and reconciliations, task management can adjust Podio as per their needs

10. Asana


It’s an project management app that gives you a chance to separate activities into segments and sub-records, alongside dashboards to perceive the amount of the task has been finished as of now. You’ll include, adjust, and finish assignments a similar way you would in a plan for the day application, with the coordinated effort and association highlights you have to fill in as a group.

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