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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review

Samsung has thinned the bezels encompassing the screen marginally on the Note 9, taking into consideration a bigger 6.4-inch screen and also a minor drop in stature. The Note 9 is still somewhat more extensive and thicker, however it’s tough to notice. Here is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is fundamentally the same as the prior Note series smartphones. There is one minor change however. Samsung has put the unique mark scanner underneath the level dual back camera, rather than alongside it. Samsung thinks this is a more regular place for your finger to discover it. The Note 9 packs the biggest battery ever in a Samsung phone at 4000 mAh. This ought to have made Note 9 thicker and heavier than any of its ancestors. In fact, it is thicker and heavier.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Yet, Samsung has done some brilliant outline changes in the edges of the frame, with what it calls a ‘precious stone cut’, to influence the phone to look and feel sleeker. This sleight of hand, or should say figment, works extremely well. The phone weighs 201 grams and is IP68 confirmed, influencing it to residue and waterproof.
It is accessible in four hues: midnight dark, metallic copper, lavender purple and sea blue, the last being the marquee shading this time. So with the sea blue variant, Samsung is pressing in a yellow S Pen. On the off-screen, this even writes in yellow.

There are a considerable measure of little highlights like this that enhance this new telephone. The 6.4-inch show itself is quad Super AMOLED (2960x1440p) at 516ppi. It is stunningly sharp as you have generally expected from Samsung. The speakers are tuned by AKG.

The best component of Note 9 is without a doubt its S Pen stylus. The S Pen stylus has been there for a long time now. Be that as it may, with the Note 9, the S Pen goes self-sufficient. A 40-second charge inside the telephone lets its low-control Bluetooth remain alive for upto 30 minutes before returning into the telephone. This opens up unlimited potential outcomes.

The S Pen would now be able to be a clicker when you are exhibiting something on the expansive screen off the Note 9. It can trigger your front or back camera whatever be the circumstance — a selfie or a gathering shot — influencing it to look more characteristic and less constrained. Also, it can even fill in as a remote when you are viewing YouTube or some other spilling video benefit.

Indeed, even as the look and feel of the S Pen hasn’t changed, Samsung has added access to hues in the off screen notes include, which it claims is the most utilized with the stylus. Additionally, there are new applications that let you do fun stuff with the S Pen like stenciling over photographs. The S Pen can likewise be utilized to add content to AR emoticons. Truth be told, this is only the start, as Samsung is opening up the SDK for engineers to make whatever they need for the Samsung stylus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The double focal point module on the back is included two 12-megapixel focal points with double optical picture adjustment, and one focal point has mechanical plates that empower variable gap. That implies the essential focal point can switch between f/1.5 and f/2.4 gap, which will enable the Note 9 to exceed expectations with low-light photography. The second focal point has a f/2.4 gap, and it can deal with 2x optical zoom. It’s likewise utilized for Samsung’s representation mode, otherwise called Live Focus. From the short tests we ran, the camera shade responds rapidly, and photographs look incredible. Does it emerge from the S9, however? Indeed, and it’s all a direct result of computerized reasoning (A.I.).

Samsung has infused A.I. into its camera -simply like a few other cell phone makers like Huawei and LG – which implies the camera can distinguish up to 20 scenes, similar to a dusk or a pet. “Scene Optimizer” takes in these scenes in the wake of accepting hundreds if not a great many comparative pictures, and afterward it’s educated to change the photograph to coordinate that perfect scene. For instance, on the off chance that you point the camera at a dusk and snap a photograph, the A.I. will know exactly how to tune the presentation, shading, and difference of the photograph to improve it look than any time in recent memory.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will offer in the majority of the world with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. In India, just like the custom, Samsung will transport with an octa-center likeness its own Exynos processor. All things considered, the Note 9 will be a ground-breaking phone, given that it will offer at least 6GB RAM, and will have a water cooling framework inside alongside a carbon fiber interface for speedier cooling.

Note 9 is Giga LTE (Cat 18) perfect. The methods it can accomplish download rates of up to 1.2Gbps, or a full HD motion picture download in a second. In any case, we don’t know this will come to Indian systems. Also, the Note 9 is actually the initial 1TB-prepared cell phone. While there is a variant with 128GB interior stockpiling and 6GB RAM, the best end model will be equipped for putting away 512GB inside and furthermore have a 512GB memory card space. This variant will have 8GB RAM. Samsung is, actually, making its initial 512GB memory cards just to accomplish the expandable storage configuration.


  • 6.4-inch Infinity Display
  • Enormous battery and capacity choices
  • Promising camera upgrades
  • Bluetooth S Pen easy routes


  • Costly
  • A considerable measure of little overhauls
  • No HDR video recording

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