tez app review
August 27, 2018

Tez App Review

Tez, a free portable wallet in India that will give users a chance to interface up their phone to their bank accounts to pay for products safely in physical stores and on the web, and for people to-people cash exchanges with another contort: Audio QR, which utilizes ultrasonic sounds to give you a chance to trade cash, bypassing any requirement for NFC. Here is the Tez App Review.

The Google Tez application is accessible on Android and additionally iOS, and backings different language, including Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. To enlist, it requests your mobile number related with your bank account to set up the application. You are given a list of banks to choose from.

When you have entered your phone number, the application sends a SMS from your number to the bank to get UPI get to. It makes a crisp UPI ID for you and connections it to the Google account. On Android, the Google Account is chosen of course as the one utilized on your phone, however you can change the ID by signing into the other account; the ID will be connected to one Google Account as it were. On iPhone, users are provoked to sign into their Google Accounts physically.


Google Tez application makes another UPI ID, or VPA, by grabbing the name from the Gmail ID. We got a @okaxis UPI account when setting it up with a Kotak account (that is on the grounds that Google hasn’t tied up with Kotak for back-end preparing) , however were assigned a @okicici UPI account when setting up with ICICI (it has tied up with ICICI). You can’t utilize your current VPA with Google Tez application if you have one. If that UPI is as of now empowered on that account you will be incited to enter the UPI PIN. The account will be set up after this progression, and is prepared to utilize.


To keep the Google Tez application secure you have the choice of securing it with your unique mark on gadgets with a finger impression scanner or utilizing a PIN for the application. While you do have the choice to keep indistinguishable PIN from screen open, we will emphatically suggest that you set up an alternate PIN.

Sending cash utilizing the application is genuinely simple, you can tap in the installments tab. It records every one of the contacts in your phone directory with Google Tez application in one go. Aside from that you have the alternative to enter Account Number + IFSC subtle elements, UPI ID, Scan QR code, or Tez User Phone Number. You can make and get payments from organizations also.


Another element called Cash Mode is accessible in Google Tez application that gives you a chance to exchange cash without having the beneficiary’s phone number. To do this, it transmits sound utilizing Google’s QR Technology to recognize the beneficiaries phone close you.

To boost Tez application, Google is putting forth clients Rs. 51 for alluding new users to utilize the application. After a referral the two users will get the cash added to their bank balances. Aside from this, utilizing the application to exchange cash (Rs. 50 or more) grants both the sender and the beneficiary Google Tez Scratch Cards, with one scratch card for each week for the sender-beneficiary. Scratch card allows users to acquire up to Rs. 1,000, which is exchanged back to ledger.

Users can procure a most extreme of 10 rewards for each week, up to a sum of Rs. 9,000 for every monetary year. There are two kinds of Google Tez Scratch Cards. The blue ones are granted to both sender and beneficiary, while one red ‘Fortunate Sundays’ is granted to the sender just once every week. This red Google Tez Scratch Card is bolted until the Sunday, and users will able to scratch it for an opportunity to win up to Rs. 1 lakh, Google said.

Download Here : Tez