vlc app review
August 27, 2018

VLC App Review

VLC offers all that you could require from a media player  extensive format bolster, streaming, downloading and substantially more other than. Checkout VLC App Review.

VLC Media Player is massively prevalent, and it’s totally free, underpins all file formats without the need to download extra codecs, can streamline video and sound playback for your picked gadget, bolsters spilling, and can be broadened interminably with downloadable plugins. These not just add additional highlights to the player they likewise empower joining with different projects and gushing administrations.


VLC Media Player bolsters MPEG and DivX spilling, and can play videos as they’re downloading, giving you a chance to watch the start of a film and after that choose whether it merits downloading in full. You can likewise play ZIP documents without unpacking them exclusively. If a video is too calm, you can physically expand the film’s volume up to 200% after the download is done.

VLC Media Player can likewise scan for collection covers. A playlist work takes into consideration numerous movies to play in a steady progression. This is especially valuable if you have downloaded a film in a few sections or simply need to watch a few shorter videos.

VLC Media Player has magnificent devices for tweaking video and sound playback, it can play arranges no one’s said for a considerable length of time, it’s blazingly quick and it does everything without spyware, advertisements or anything else unnecessary. Factor in an entire group of interface skins and a major library of additional items, and VLC Media Player app is the Swiss Army Knife of advanced media.

Its standard interface isn’t as in vogue as a few media players, and doesn’t make labeling as simple as some different devices (particularly MusicBee), however VLC is eminent, and effectively great sufficient to wind up your primary media player for both sound and video.


  • Profoundly adaptable
  • Amazing file format support
  • Expandable by means of plugins


  • Altering metadata isn’t as clear as in some different players

Download Here : VLC