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We tested the desktop mode of Android Q

The first beta of Android Q arrived a few hours ago but the Internet has already taken care of completely gutting it. It was rumored that it could come with a desktop mode similar to Samsung Dex and the appearance of a developer tweak called Force Desktop Mode only confirmed this.

Android Q Desktop Mode

This desktop mode is theoretically designed to work when connecting a phone with Android Q to an external screen, although its operation is a little irregular and seems to be quite green. However, it can already be tested, more or less, using ADB commands in the emulator.

There is still a long way to go

After activating the developer options in Android Q (you know, pounding on the build number until they are activated), there is a new setting called Force Desktop Mode . In the accompanying text it is explained that it is an experimental mode for secondary screens.

In other words, the idea is the same that we have seen previously: that when connecting the mobile to a screen, it bends and offers a user experience closer to a PC than to the interface of a mobile.

Android Q Beta is here: these are its news

In XDA they have found a way to activate it using the system image for the official Android Studio emulator and an ADB command, although technically it is possible to do the same on a Pixel phone and then project the image on a television using a Chromecast or Similar.

This desktop mode starts empty, with an options button on the left and an access to the application drawer on the right. There are only two options: change the wallpaper or add shortcuts to the desktop.

Desktop shortcuts are automatically sorted and you cannot rearrange them, at least for now. By tapping on these shortcuts, the app will open in floating window mode if the screen has enough DPI. Otherwise, it will open the same as always.

Otherwise, I’m afraid there isn’t much more you can do. Google does not lie when it says that it is an experimental function, and it will have to be seen if it is polished before the final launch of Android Q, which is expected in August.

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